Instructor Spotlight: Elishima Myles Gets to “See Students Transform into Professionals Ready to Take on the World”

BankWork$ Instructor Elishima Myles (center) with her students.

With her background in financial services – including mutual funds and investment banking – and a passion for teaching people about the banking industry, Elishima Myles leapt at the opportunity to be a BankWork$ instructor. 

Today, she serves as the BankWork$ Program Manager – Instructional Specialist, Workforce Development and Continuing Education with our partner Dallas College 

As BankWork$’s original Instructor in the Dallas area since 2018, Elishima has graduated eight cohorts of graduates with nearly 100 students total.  

What’s her approach to teaching? 

“I treat every class as if it is my first time teaching, and the students feed off that excitement with a different reaction with every cohort,” says Elishima. 

Among her students, Elishima is respected for making learning fun and engaging. Respected by her students, they often seek her guidance and support as they work to gain the hard and soft skills needed for a successful career in financial services.

For Elishima, teaching BankWork$ is meaningful on many fronts. 

BankWork$ is a life changing program not only for the students, but also the instructors,” says Elishima. “You get to see students transform into confident, experienced, and resilient professionals ready to take on the world.” 

And Elishima’s impact on her community goes far beyond her role in BankWork$. Along with Instructor, she has another title: City Councilwoman. In 2020, she was elected to serve on the City Council of Balch Springs, Texas.