Graduates change their lives through meaningful careers

Over the past 15 years, more than 3,600 graduates have secured positions with career potential across the country. Through our training program, graduates gain skills to not only get the job, but advance in a career. Many graduates have moved up the career ladder, from entry-level positions, such as teller and customer service representative, to personal banker, and beyond.

Headshot of a man wearing a blue suit, in a bank


BankWork$ Graduate, Senior Service Manager at Wells Fargo

“BankWork$ gave me the confidence that the sky’s the limit.”

After graduating from an inner-city high school in Los Angeles, Gonzalo started working at a fast food restaurant. He was dreaming of a career, not just a job, when his siblings introduced him to the BankWork$ program. BankWork$ gave him the skills and confidence to work in the banking industry. Since completing the program, Gonzalo has been employed with Wells Fargo for 10 years and has been promoted five times—from teller to senior service manager. He aspires to be a branch manager, and is committed to growing professionally and giving back to his community.

Woman wearing a grey suit jacket, smiling.


BankWork$ Graduate, Collector III at Wells Fargo

“You create your own path. Anyone can come into the BankWork$ program and make something of themselves. I sure did.”

Stacey signed up for the BankWork$ program in Mesa, AZ after struggling to find work when her husband was laid off. She was hired by Wells Fargo, one of BankWork$ national sponsors, and was quickly promoted to Collector III. A mentor from among the top leaders as Wells Fargo continues to guide Stacy in her career through weekly meetings and educational opportunities. In turn, Stacey speaks to employee groups to encourage engagement with the community.

Man wearing a sweater and collared shirt, smiling at the camera.


BankWork$ Graduate, Relationship Banker at Bank of America

“Being in a position to assist someone financially is everything to me. In my new role at the bank, I hope to teach others how to be financially successful.”

During his teenage years in Chicago, DaVonte was often without a home. Accepted but unable to afford college, he moved to Alaska and worked in retail and hospitality while living in a shelter. In 2017, he returned to Chicago and after becoming a father, enrolled in the BankWork$ program. He was hired by Bank of America as a customer service representative right after graduation. Promoted to relationship banker after only a year, DaVonte looks forward to a lifetime career in the financial industry.